The buying process

STEP 1Enter password

Please enter the password which shows on the flier or leaflet.
The password required to see and purchase photos.
(There are some events without password.)

STEP 2How to find your photo

"Find from section list."
Click the section from section list.
*Before the service page open, our reminding service is available. Please register your e-mail, and you won't miss it.

"Search with bib number."
Please enter your bib number and search your photos.
*If a part of bib number hides or is hard to to see bib number, there is the possibility that you cannot search.

STEP 3Choose photo and product.

You can see the thumbnail list on the Photograph list page.
Please click the image which you want to see detail.

On the detail page you can zoom photo and check the price and list of products.
If you find a photograph you like, please click "ADD TO CART" or "ADD THIS PHOTO TO CART" button, and put it to your shopping cart.

STEP 4Confirm your shopping cart.

After you put your photos into shopping cart, You can check your shopping cart with "CHECK OUT" button.
Now you can change size and number of prints, or delete from the cart.
You can also add your comment on your paper print products in this page.

STEP 5Move to PayPal site.

Please visit paypal site from the link button, and log in with your e-mail and password.

Push "continue" button after you fill the form, and back to All Sports Community and push "Confirm the order", and, please complete your order.
"If you do not have PayPal account, you can sign up from here."

STEP 6Order Completed.

After your order is confirmed, 8letters order number will show on the page. (e.g.12345678)
We also send you order confirmation mail to your e-mail address.