How big is the paper print products?

Please check price list on the Photos Detail Page.

I want to know the price.

It depends on the size, or kind of products. It also depends on the event.
Please check price list on the Photos Detail Page.

What is overlay service?

You can add an overlay on lower part of your photos.
We have 2 types of overlay such as "Event name overlay" and "Own comment overlay".

"Event name overlay"
The event name and date will print on lower part of your photo.
(There are some events has no date on overlay.)
"Own comment overlay"
You can add up to 70 letters, blank space will be counted as 1 letter.
The event name and date will not include, if you need that please enter by yourself.

The overlay will automatically placed on your photos, there is possibility that it will on the object of your photos.
The font size, colour and place are not selectable.
(Your overlay will be printed on lower part, centering in 1 line with white colour )

What is official logo overlay?

You can add the event official logo image on your photos.
*There are some events has no official logo overlay.*

Do you have photographs of every participant for every event?

Unfortunately, no. We really sorry about that happens.
While we do our best to capture top-quality, identifiable photographs of every participant,
the circumstances of commencement event photography make this impossible.

My shopping cart has been clear.

It may happens when you close web browser before finish check out, or move to other web site.

What is download data?

The "Download data" is a high-resolution jpeg data. Download URL will delivered to you by e-mail.
We will send download URL by email within 5 business days.
The data are available for various uses. Of course you can print out with your printer.
*There are some events which has no data download product.

I would like to delete my photos.

Please send us an email with "photo number". We will work on it.
If there are 2 or more people in the photo, there is the possibility that we cannot delete the photo.
Thank you for your understanding.